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Why visit Baltics?

Why Lithuania? [ Watch the presentation]

New and undiscovered destination
, original and fancy place to go. If you can't find other reasons, go just to satisfy your curiosity!

Friendly and charming people, speaking many foreign languages. For the first moment the Baltic people may seem reserved and formal, but soon you will find them to be very warm and hospitable!

Traditions still alive! Come to the Baltics during the Great Midsummer Eve celebration and you will see how the Baltic people celebrate! Each year the night of June 23 is very special in Baltics, because the cities empty out, most everyone decorates their cars, bicycles, horses etc. (even the yellow public busses are decorated) with leaves and flowers and goes out into the countryside to drink locally brewed beer, eat special Midsummer's cheese, build campfires, wave wreath of oak leaves and flowers, and sing and dance until the morning light!

Singing nations! If there are at least 2 of Baltic people coming together in one place, then it is almost for sure that sooner or later they will start to sing. The Baltic people have the amazing ability to keep in memory a huge amount of song texts and almost every second one is singing in a quire. Talking about quires, have you ever witnessed an entire nation celebrate? It happens in each of the Baltic countries once every four years, when the great Song and dance festivals take place. The next festival coming in this year 2003 in Riga, Latvia.

Paradise for nature lovers! Approximately 50% of the territory of the Baltic States is covered with forests, the population density is one of the lowest in the world. The Baltic countries are small, but they have en enormous number of clean and unpolluted lakes and the 1360 km long Baltic Sea shoreline of white sand is sparsely populated. Many plant and animal species, such as wolfs, foxes, elks, bears, wild boar and storks which are rare or no longer found elsewhere in Europe call the Baltics their home. White stork feeding on live frogs is a rather typical site in rural Baltics, in fact, the possibility to meet a stork while traveling outside the cities, is coming near to 100%!

Delicious and healthy food! As all three countries are situated on the shores of the Baltic see and the territories are reach with sweet waters, fish is not rare in the menu of Baltic people. What could be better than fresh smoked fish, bought right from the old fishermans hands in the small fisherman villages, spreading along the Baltic Sea coast? But do not worry, there are also other meals served in the Baltics! Almost every one, even those from the big cities, have their own gardens, where there are vegetables, fruit and berries grown. The Baltic people have the tradition to make jam, sour marinated cucumbers and other tasty things for the long winter season by theirselves. Anyway, the Baltic people love to eat much, but you won't see fat people in the streets. What's the secret of their diet?

Beer brewed using natural ingredients and available at a low price is, perhaps, the secret of the Baltic diet! It is sometimes said that beer is the way to any of Latvians, Lithuanians or Estonians heart. Come and find out whether it's true or not. The most popular beer brands: in Estonia - Saku, in Latvia - Aldaris, Cēsu and Piebalgas, in Lithuania - Kalnapilis, Utenos and Svyturys.

Trees, trees, trees everywhere you look! Wood has been the traditional building material for hundreds of years. Also nowadays you can see lot of traditional wooden houses wit red roofs, some of them are standing there more than 100 years, others have been newly built in a traditional way. Approximately 50% of the territory of the Baltic States is covered by forests. The biologists say that forest is a normal stadium of the Baltic climatic zone. If the people would stop cutting up trees soon the territory would be a deep forest. No need to ask which commodity ranks first in exports...

Real snowy Christmas! Winters in the Baltics are relatively cold. White snow is guaranteed during December, January and February. Although there are no large mountains in the Baltics, its inhabitants are real downhill skiing freaks - strange but true!


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